We’ve designed this engaging and supportive learning environment so that you can easily learn from experts and peers.

Learning Activity Feed

Share insights, resources and videos. View, comment and like all of your peers' responses for camaraderie and support.

Live Video

Experience one of kind social learning features like: Live Video Chat and Webinars, exclusive to our app. Shared insights and support lead to a more fun, engaging and impactful learning experience.

Narrative Paths

Discover people in your community and learn about their key life events, books, dreams, and AHA! Moments that were paramount to their personal growth.

Buddies and Teams

Learn in pairs and small groups to maximize shared insights and support. Automatic support prompts help you easily view and support people's activity in your team.

Group & Private Messaging

Exchange private or group messages with your instructor and peers, respectively, with one click.

Keep up with your peers

Students, teachers and industry partners can easily check the leaderboard to see student progress and who needs additional support or a reminder to complete assignments.